Main Challenges Tracking Risks and Opportunities 

Narratives impact every part of a business. They compel communities to take action online and in-person, generating opportunities and risks for strategy, personnel, and assets. However, community engagement in narratives is fast moving, dynamic, and happening in difficult to analyze mediums.

‍ Today, content creators prefer video and audio over text platforms because these platforms are better at engaging audiences. Also, content creators now use multiple platforms to push different types of content, avoid moderation, and engage with their audiences in different ways. So, simultaneous access to multiple video and audio platforms - such as YouTube, BitChute, and Podcasts - and the ability to analyze content across them are now required to be able to effectively track and analyze community engagement with narratives. Also, each platform is designed to empower its tens of millions of users to easily build communities, distribute content, and drive narratives. ‍

This means that the narratives that affect your company are spreading in many directions at once, and the threats and opportunities contained within them can come from anywhere at any time.

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500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute


The average podcast listener listens to 6 hours of podcasts/ week


Americans use YouTube 4x as much as Twitter


37% of Americans listen to podcasts

Pendulum's Platform

Comprehensive Data Intake

Comprehensive Data Intake

Always-on data gathering that connects to an ever-growing list of platforms and ingests billions of pieces of multi-medium content: text, videos and audio. Pendulum processes and stores all content even if the original platforms remove it, allowing you unprecedented access and tracking capabilities.

Narrative Engine

Narrative Engine

Intuitive experience to search for a narrative in human terms and stories, as well as leverage context and your team’s knowledge to better enable our proprietary machine learning models. Our Narrative Engine links your input to billions of pieces of content to filter and bring together the ones that match the subtleties of what you are looking for into Narratives you can analyze and track.

Community Engine

Community Engine

Flexible workflow to fine-tune which creators of content and narrative amplifiers you are interested in. Select and fine tune from a rich library, learn how naturally creators cluster or start with a set you follow and find others like them using our Community Machine Learning models.

Intelligence Explorer

Intelligence Explorer

Easily track and analyze your Pendulum intelligence, going from top level summaries to individual pieces of content to quickly spot trends and potential drivers of risk. Easily export charts and data to produce high quality intelligence reports.

Always On Monitoring

Always-On Monitoring

Define what is important and let Pendulum monitor it 24 hours-a-day. Pendulum will alert you of changing trends and growing levels of risk, allowing you to expand your breadth of work and organizational impact.