Graduate beyond alerts to see around corners

RiskWand automates threat tracking and propels horizon scanning capabilities across all aspects of your business


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Strategic Intelligence. Measurable Impact.

Pendulum's evergreen AI threat models help intelligence teams force multiply and increase their internal remit and influence. Monitor not only close range threats like brand and executives, but also longer range narratives like sanctions, taxation, ESG and see how they will impact your business.

Automated Threat Discovery
and Monitoring

We have created a comprehensive list of threat topics that may have an impact on your business. Our AI engines help you isolate each topic and summarize the content so you can quickly assess its importance. We can customize these topics to tailor to your business.


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Single pane of glass for horizon scanning

Spot the important inflection points as they happen. As narratives develop and grow online they may start morphing into more direct threats to the business like legislation, taxation, etc. Your competitors, suppliers and partners can be drawn into conversations before your brand or executives. Monitor all these developments from a single pane of glass.

Horizon Scanning

Empower, Not Overwhelm

Say goodbye to data overload. RiskWand streamlines risk monitoring, so your intelligence teams can focus on what they do best. Power-up your strategy, streamline your operations, sharpen your edge.

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Uncover business and security threats across a comprehensive range of online content. Schedule a demo to see RiskWand in action.

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